Kampot, Cambodia

smoking a cigarette on the Kampot Seaside.

Kampot Hotels, Guesthouses
and Bungalows.

Kampot Hotels range from small fan rooms to a luxurious resort hotel on the beach.








Accommodation   Price
Arcadia Backpacker arcadia backpacker

$1 - $20


360 Hotel   Book a room

Apsara Guesthouse

  Book this Hotel
Auberge du Soleil Hotel auberge du soliel hotel


Bamboo Bungalow   Book a room
Banyan Tree Guesthouse $2 - $12

Book a Room
The Billabong Guesthouse

$5 - $18

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Birds Nest   Book a Room
Borey Vatanac Guesthouse   Book this Hotel
Bandini's   Book this Hotel
Blue Buddha Hotel $20+
Book a room at
Blue Buddha
Borey Bokor Hotel  

Book a room at
Borey Bokor

Boutique Kampot Hotel

$88 - $288

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Bokor Mountain Lodge bokor mountain lodge

$20 - $75

Bopha Prey Guesthouse $8 - $20
Bungalow Kampot River bungalow kampot river $6
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Bungalow Kampot River


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Chey Mean Leap Villa

$50 - $180

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Captain Chim's Guesthouse Book this Hotel
Champa Lodge champa lodge

$30 - $50

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Champey Bokor Guesthouse   Book this hotel
Checkpoint Kampot

$14 - $32

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Eden Eco Village eden eco village $15 - $18
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Greenhouse Guesthouse $25 - $45
Eco Guesthouse and more...
$10 - $36
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Heng Sambath Guesthouse   Book this hotel
Heng Sambath Guesthouse   Book this Hotel
Hang hang guesthouse $10 - $25

Kampot Kenny's Guesthouse

  Book this Hotel

Kampot Manor

  Book this Hotel
Kampot Cabana

Book this Hotel
$10 - $12

Kampot Diamond Hotel kampot diamond hotel $25 - $60
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Kampot Riverside Hotel kampot riverside hotel

$25 - $49

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Kampong Bay Makeng Guesthouse   Book this Hotel
Kampot Riverside Residence $60 - $180
Kampot Oasis   Book this Hotel
Karma Traders  
Khemra Guesthouse   Book this Hotel
Kool Kampot   Book this Hotel
Kampot Guesthouse kampot guesthouse

$8 - $36

Ly Mengly Guesthouse   Book this Hotel
Little Garden Guesthouse $10 to $30
La Java Bleue la java bleue guesthouse

$35 - $45

Book a room at
La Java Bleue

Les Manguiers les manguiers $10+
Mad Monkey $7 - $24
Makk Hotel

$43 - $63

Book this Hotel

Mangroove Guesthouse

$5 - $7

Book this Hotel

Marany Guesthouse   Book this Hotel
Monkey Republic Kampot Book this Hotel
My Parents Guesthouse   Book this Hotel
Mittapheap Hotel mittapheap hotel $25 - $65
Book This Hotel
Magic Sponge magic sponge guesthouse

$3 - $20

Book this Hotel

Mea Culpa Hotel mea clupa hotel


Book this Hotel

Natural Bungalows natural bungalows $40 - $115
Book this Bungalow!
Neakru Guesthouse   Book this Hotel
Ny Ny Hotel   Book this hotel
Naga House naga house

$3 - $12

Book this Hotel

Nataya Resort nataya resort kampot $100 - $250
Book This Resort!
Old Town Guesthouse $3 - $20

Book this Guesthouse

Phoum Rumduol

$35 - $5

Book this Hotel

Pippali Boutique Hotel


Book this Hotel

Pink Sands Villa Book this Hotel
Pepe and the Viking

$4 - $7

Book this Hotel

Pepper Guesthouse pepper guesthouse $7 - $15
Ramo Resort Book this Hotel
Rikitikitavi Hotel Rikitikitavi Hotel $43 - $59
Samon Village Book this Hotel
Salty River Resort Book this Hotel
Sambo Leap Guesthouse   Book this Hotel
Sebana Guesthouse   Book this Hotel
Starling Ridge Plantation Resort   Book this Hotel
Ta Eng Guesthouse   Book this Hotel
Two Moons Hotel Book this Hotel
Twin Home Guesthouse

$10 - $25

Book this Guesthouse

Taj Mahal Guesthouse  
The Columns The Columns Book this Hotel!
Vibola Guesthouse   Book this Hotel
Villa Vedici Villa Vedici


Book this Villa


Best to make reservations at these places during Khmer Holidays, Chinese New Year, and the last 10 days in December.


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